Unit 7

Yesterday I coloured in the bookbinding thread, and even if it didn’t turn into a dark blue as I hoped it would, I’m still happy about it no longer being white.


such a profound blue



Can you guess where the different grids come from? The more I’ve worked on the grids, the more abstract they have already become, and I’ve also tried to make gradients and transitions between the different grids to make them less static and more playful.
Instead of continuing to do other grids and variations, I am now going to see how it would look in the notebook. InDesign and printing time! Unfortunately I have to print it on different paper for the mockup as otherwise I won’t have enough paper left for the final versions, but it is the same thickness (however not the same colour, which is why I am also going to print a testsheet on a page with the right paper).

Having already decided which paper I am going to use for the inside pages (Rey International EcoNature paper, 80 gsm, ivory), I haven't chosen which paper I want to use and if/what cover image. At John Purcell Paper, I was recommended a white and a black sheet of paper. When I asked them about colour, they told me that they 'don't really do coloured paper', as most of their clients, printmakers, buy white paper and print it to their needs. This made me think about the fact that I hadn't really considered printing onto the covers instead of keeping them blank (although I like to buy blank notebooks with blank covers that I can personnalise to my wishes, a cover with a grid on it in a colour could be nice). The paper they showed me were South Bank Smooth 250 gsm (white) and JPP Black Cover 185 gsm, which I both liked (so smooth!), but I couldn't decide and had another trip to Shepherd's and Falkiner's on my mind. However the paper that I found there which was appropriated to be folded and resistant enough for cover usage wasn't really what I looked for either, I therefore decided on a brown recycled kraft-ish look, and will see how it turns out.

For today’s crit, I tried out different kinds of grids (the form of the notebook seems good as it is for now) and a folder for the third part instead of another booklet.

I quickly realised that just outlines of different parts make these grids too complicated. So next to looking at colour and stroke lines for the grids I also will have to chose elements from it.
Comments: maybe use windows/a specific century /style of building, be carefull with widths of the line.

For the folder/ampersand, I decided to just somehow put the ampersand onto the folder and have it stand out behind the two other booklets.

I also looked at a selection of ampersands.

For next week, we should present a finished pre-production prototype ready to be produced for the Pop Up Shop at the London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden at the end of May (for which we are also currently struggling with the identity).