In order to clear up my work in progress with student projects and make space for the latest post-university projects (aka after assessment!) I am cleaning up the categories, but here are the CSM-specific categories just in case of need:
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Projects done around CSM

Year Two at Central Saint Martins (2012-2013):
Unit 5
Visual Language: International Klein Blue
Liberty’s Department Store into Flipbooks, a building translated into a book
Yves Klein by himself, a book translated into a building
Blast/Bless: Postcards from London, Luxembourg and Paris

Unit 6 – The Bigger Picture

Unit 7
Time is of the Essence: Student Organiser
What if Music Could Be Seen: Musical Perception
Pop Up Shop: &London Notebooks

Context / Dissertation
Unit 8-9

Year Three at Central Saint Martins (2013-2014):
Unit 10
Home Town: Luxembourg(ish)
The Value of an Image
A Do Something But Not Anything Manifesto
Public/Personal Space

TSI (Typography Special Interest Group)

Final Year Digital


Events & Exhibitions

Competitions & Collaborations & Live Briefs
Barnard & Westwood
Font Aid IV

An Illustration Workshop
An Internship at the Imprimerie du Marais
Art Auction 2013 Catalogue
D&AD British Council
D&AD Monotype



The subject of the Luxembourgish language and it’s necessity as a spoken and taught official language is currently a very hot topic in Luxembourg, so there are a lot of articles appearing out of nowhere with different opinions and discussions.
I have been continuing to push the branding brief for Luxembourg/the Luxembourgish language, but I am still stuck for now, as I haven’t been able to find a solution to combine the three languages together in an easily readable way that relates to 7 to 77 year–old–people inside and outside Luxembourg, foreigners and residents, digital as well as print (yet). I also haven’t found the right typeface yet so I’m keeping Akkurat Pro as a placeholder for now, until I find a less German typeface.

Here are the directions that I have been working towards for now:

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I want to somehow be able to show the transitions between the three languages to show the origins of Luxembourgish and help understand the history behind it as well as the language itself, while integrating the other official languages. Furthermore it would also be nice to include a way to ‘promote’ Luxembourg through it’s language to foreigners that don’t know much about Luxembourg by creating an awareness campaign with appropriate communication.

During the Easter break, the TSI group went to visit The Hague, Amsterdam, Antwerpen and Brussels to look at type, public lettering, old printed and calligraphied books and drink beer.

TSI trip

TSI trip 2013

This is the A4 spread I made for the TSI book, more photos are going to follow.
It is a typographic response to everyone’s first reaction when a book page was turned.

Isolate one part of one letter of a specific font that you think tells the story of the font/ find the most specific characteristics.

Final Results:

2012-10-31 14.52.242012-10-31 14.52.30

My font: Garamond. Can you find it?