Well, it clearly has been a long time since I last had a look at this blog. In the meantime, there has been quite a lot of change.

After finishing my BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in Summer 2014, I moved back to Luxembourg, stayed in Toronto for a couple of weeks and then, returning to Luxembourg, started working at Comed Luxembourg as a graphic designer for one year and a half. I participated in ‘Design – Resolute Change, Luxembourg Postscript’ with my Manifesto at the Casino Forum d’Art Contemporain in Luxembourg in spring 2015, and sold design objects at the Marché des Créateurs at MuDAM Luxembourg in the summer. Since Autumn 2015 I have integrated the Luxembourgish local design collective ‘In Progress‘, participated in the 2016 Luxembourg Design Biennale with the ‘Local Craft Meets Design‘ opening exhibition in spring 2016.

At the moment, I am doing an MA in Visual Communication – Experimental Communication pathway at the Royal College of Art in London. So I am playing around and exploring (my) limits, and I might post a few updates here and there, but I don’t know yet how I am going to go forward.
You can probably find the most recent visual updates on my instagram, facebook or tumblr though, or simply by contacting me directly.

So… have a good 2017, and maybe see you soon or not so soon!
(PS: Thanks for reading!)