In order to clear up my work in progress with student projects and make space for the latest post-university projects (aka after assessment!) I am cleaning up the categories, but here are the CSM-specific categories just in case of need:
(and don’t forget to scroll down if you want to read through the development of a project from start to finish!)

Projects done around CSM

Year Two at Central Saint Martins (2012-2013):
Unit 5
Visual Language: International Klein Blue
Liberty’s Department Store into Flipbooks, a building translated into a book
Yves Klein by himself, a book translated into a building
Blast/Bless: Postcards from London, Luxembourg and Paris

Unit 6 – The Bigger Picture

Unit 7
Time is of the Essence: Student Organiser
What if Music Could Be Seen: Musical Perception
Pop Up Shop: &London Notebooks

Context / Dissertation
Unit 8-9

Year Three at Central Saint Martins (2013-2014):
Unit 10
Home Town: Luxembourg(ish)
The Value of an Image
A Do Something But Not Anything Manifesto
Public/Personal Space

TSI (Typography Special Interest Group)

Final Year Digital


Events & Exhibitions

Competitions & Collaborations & Live Briefs
Barnard & Westwood
Font Aid IV

An Illustration Workshop
An Internship at the Imprimerie du Marais
Art Auction 2013 Catalogue
D&AD British Council
D&AD Monotype



After workshops in London, a summer job in Luxembourg, and a small internship at Fox and Bear Vintage UK in London, I transformed myself back into a Parisian for a month again. It was a strange feeling to be back in Paris after a year gap, and I now have a different opinion on France since I left the ECV in june 2012 to come to CSM in London.
My stay in Paris was filled with varying tasks for the Imprimerie du Marais, a printing studio located in the centre of the Marais district as well as long walks back home past the Notre Dame cathedral, over the Seine, through the poetic Quartier Latin, past the Jardin du Luxembourg and many other lovely sights.


So what does a graphic designer do in a French imprimerie (printing studio) with screenprinting, lasercutting, folding, binding, cutting, and an amazing printing archive filled with projects done for well-known clients out of the fashion and art world? Mostly situated in the communication and PR department upstairs and sharing some tasks with another intern, I spent a big part of the first week looking through websites and portfolios to find projects fitting into different specific categories of the Post’IM website (which has now officially been launched), helping to fold and finish products to ship them to clients as well as getting briefed to do illustrations for the wedding invitation and announcement cards presentation folder on which I worked throughout the internship and which I am still finishing.
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Yesterday I had the luck to participate in Drew Turner‘s workshop in the Ohh Deer Pop Up Shop at Wolf & Badger. It was a really nice experience and a good way to getting back into illustration again.

Our subject was retro-futurism: creating a vision of the world in 2063.
I decided to use black and white images to be hung in living rooms as a window to what nature and landscapes used to look like with neon-like colours added with light to show colours that don’t necessarily correspond to the real colours of trees or grass or rocks.

Photo170 Photo177

The final image will be available with the other images produced during the workshop as Desktop Wallpapers from Ohh Deer soon.

On Friday, NomadLab organised the last of it’s series of lectures for the season at CSM. During the day, we got a short introduction to PureData from soundartist Giuliano Obici which was followed by a lecture and a small laptop choral recital in which we participated.


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During the lecture, Giuliano Obici also mentionned an earlier project collaboration, which consisted in paying people in the streets around the black markets  in Brasil a dollar to listen to the music. They are being payed because it is considered work to listen to music and in opposition to downloads.

Paying people to listen to music isn’t something I had thought of during my music project brief (which I am currently exporting and finishing of for assessment on tuesday).

Pure Data:Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 12.49.16

Pure Data is an open-source program that allows the user to create music and visual representations while allowing to distribute the information over multiple computers.
Music is represented through specific numbers and coding and associated with commands that let the user decide how to represent the music/sound that is heard visually over screens.

The program runs in the same rails as processing: an application with coding that give you the freedom to do what you want, if you know how it works. In the same way that I had originally planned to use processing and the video only as base, it failed on technical knowledge. Even though the program runs a common coding language (apparently), it would take me a long time to understand and know how I can do what I want to do. But it is good to know that this option is out there.

The second and last day of the UCreate Workshop was a bit less busy as we already knew somehow what we were going to do. So after a market-targetting-estimating-session, we went on to develop our idea, work on the pitch, design, and estimate costs. The organisers and tutors came by a few times to have a look at what we were doing and were very positive and encouraging, which motivated us to go further with our project. Chase and I also had a small break as we were being interviewed for the short trailer about the event.
In the afternoonm there was a last session to prepare us for the pitch, then a short period to finalise our presentation before we went back to the presentation room at 4pm to present. Every of the nine teams got five minutes to explain their concepts and projects, then there were two minutes for questions, and then it was the next group’s turn.
While the Jury was consulting, we were filling out forms and making souvenir group photos. It was/is the first edition of UCreate at UCL, so we were somehow the experiment.
Not much time for a coffee break as they came back pretty fast into the auditorium to announce the four winning teams. Which also included our team, Design Unlimited! So, together with three other teams, we are now competing against each other in order to make the most profit, as the winning team is the one that makes the most profit, and they get all of the profits. Each group gets a budget of £500, as well as two market stalls. We managed to get a stall on Upmarket and one on Spitalfield Market (we had to fight for this one!), and are now trying to set everything up as fast as possible…
So in the meantime, you are just going to have to wait to see what we came up with…
All I can say is that it’s should be pretty refreshing…